New Teacher Application

If you are interested in teaching video game classes on Outschool, please click on “Job Application” and fill out the Google form below. After you have filled out the application, I will send you an email with instructions on how to submit your sample class video.

Please note, all teachers are required to fill out the application and send a video. After both are reviewed, I will schedule a live Zoom meeting where you will be able to get to know me, ask any questions you have, and we can nail down logistics.

Job Application


11 thoughts on “New Teacher Application

  1. Hello!! My name is Shelby Miller & I saw your post on the animal crossing page on Facebook! I am very interested in the opportunity!! My favorite thing in this world is teaching my own kids the wonderful experience of animal crossing & video games so this opportunity is call my name! I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Hi, I saw that you were accepting applications until the end of the week but I tried to apply and the Google form said that you no longer accepting applications ☹️ Hoping I’m still able to submit my application because I’m very interested


      1. Hello Miss Devyn!
        I recently submitted an application for the Teacher position and on the Google Form, it stated that I would be getting an email for how to submit my introduction video. I submitted the application and never got that email. I am just wondering if the Google Form submitted my application.
        Thanks so much! I am looking forward to sending you my introduction video and am very excited for the opportunity to share more about myself with you. This is an incredible opportunity.
        Warm regards,


  3. Hello,

    I just saw your tiktok about needing new teachers and as a former eSports and Media Arts teacher I am very interested, but I don’t see your application form here. Did I miss the cut off? I really love this concept and would just love to hear more about it even.


  4. Hello Miss Devyn, My Roommate Aiden and I have both filled out applications and are very interested in working with you. I was simply wondering if you are still accepting applications. if so that’s awesome! I look forward to hearing your response 🙂


      1. Understood. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! If there are any issues with my application please let me know and I will fix them promptly. Thank you for your time Miss Devyn!


  5. Hey Miss Devyn, I wanted to let you know I was able to pitch your idea to Secretary of Indiana Diego Morales and various Senators of State. As a foster youth I was given the chance to speak with legislators about various topics and mine was improving the education system. While not pertinent to the teaching position i still thought it was awesome and wanted to share that with you.


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