Media Interviews

Fox News Interview

“Devyn Ricks may be the very definition of a ‘cool mom’ as she supports her family by teaching video games to children online.

KUTV Utah Interview

A Utah mom is supporting her family in a way she never thought possible: through video games. Devyn Ricks said she grew up playing video games on and off.”

Side Hustle Nation Interview

“Devyn Ricks, a mom of 4, isn’t a Twitch celebrity or a big time YouTuber, but she’s still earning thousands of dollars a month playing video games part-time. In this video, she breaks down how she does it and how you can follow the same strategies to monetize your hobby!”

KPBCast Ep. 51 – Devyn Ricks

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“[For parents,] this is a teacher who’s very responsible; she doesn’t want no bullying, she just wants her kids to enjoy the joys of video gaming.”

Chain Attack: Grading Geekery – Ep. 141 Video Game School


“The fact that this is a job would absolutely melt the brain of 12-year-old Josh Wheeler.”

Invite Sent – Season 2 Ep. 37

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